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Hello to everyone!
I’m trying to connect the rear camera in my father’s HR-V, but I have some problem with the connection of the cables.
In the rear part I mounted the camera and connected the BLU cable to the +12V of the reversing light.

In the SATNAV I connected the adapter and then I was in this condition:

- From the rear part I have this cable 1 Yellow RCA cable, 1 blu cable, 1 red cable and 1 black cable. The last 3 cable come in the filter fuse box meanwhile the RCA it will be connected to the adapter;
- The adapter was plugged in and I have 1 RCA cable and 1 red cable.

The black and the red cable that come from the filter fuse box is connected to the +12v and the GND (I find it on the command of the air condition). But I really don’t know where I must connect the blue cable that come out from the filter fuse box and the red wire from the adapter.

From the rear camera

All cable (except the RCA) come in the filter fuse box

Adapter mounted and connected

Now I don't know where connect this 2 cables

Thank everyone for help! :grin2:

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This is something I want to attempt at some point, how easy was it to remove the head unit?

I believe if you know what you're looking for you can fit the cable without removing the HU, but doesn't explain those extra wires you have.

If there was a Honda tech on this site it would be nice to get a little information :)
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