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Rebel Motorsport Clubs annual Brecon Charity Drive.

We had another good turn out despite the very wet start to the day... thankfully we were very lucky with the weather in that when we were driving it was lovely however when we stopped to take photos it decided to throw it down :lol:

Like Mikey said
MickeyVTS said:
Well for the most part the weather was ok, however whenever we stopped to take some pics it tipped it down. Almost as if someone "up there" wanted us to keep on driving (anyone know who that might have been?)
(for those that may not be aware my father a club member passed away a few days before and he loved to drive)

BIG thank you to everyone who attended on the day I know I had a great drive and I hope you all did too..

Photos now in the Gallery

Here are a few taken from the day...

oh how we spoilt the view :lol:

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