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The ratings provided by FAST CAR magazine for Sept 07 were:

UNDER £250 6.5" 2 way components:

1)rockford fosgate power T162S

"Once fitted we were impressed with the smooth and warm sound, with mid range, mid bass and vocals all blending together seamlessly to give a complete listening experience. They brought out some bottom end we didnt notice with other units, and they coped well with fierce vocals, delivering them with awesome control. They gave an awesome performance with big hairy balls inn the mid bass and mid range department, making these the best component speakers"

2)Hertz High Energy HSK 16S "best for audiophiles" tied with DLS M56A "best for vocals"
3)Infinity 6520CS
4)Orion c2.62 and FLI comp 6 tied
5) Blaupunkt VC 172
6)Diamond D362.S
7)Alpine SPR-17S

Does fast car mag have a deal with rockford phosgate to promote their gear or is this rating to be believed?

I'm about to buy speakers, i want the best, i can spend more, im a audiophile, i like dire straights, rock, reggae -which ones should i go for?

Wanted - amp(or2), speakers (rear and fronts), sub, jbl 3sixty.2 or alpine hxe 650 signal processor

Do we agree with Fast Car magazine that the rockford phosgate speakers are the best of the best?

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