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Hi guys and gals.

I am a member of The Rebel Motorsport Club website and we are having our annual rolling road day. This will be taking place at Powerstation in Tewkesbury on Saturday 6th November.

Powerstation have a state of the art rolling road set up and are a very friendly bunch. All cars are catered for eg FWD, RWD, AWD.

We will also be filming the day so you will get your own video of your car on the rollers, with can be sent to you a few days later.

The day will start around 8:15. At a small cost of £35 per car
We currently have a few spaces available so we would like to offer some of the spaces to some other forum members.

Rebel members are a very friendly bunch and we all be going for a bite to eat at a local pub after the rolling road day (not included in the price)

If you want to come along with us, get some nice video of your car on the rollers and have a laugh while your doing it. Either reply in this thread or drop me a PM.

You can also have a look at the club on The Rebel Motorsport Club website and take a quick look at the members.

Murray :cool:

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Oooh this is just down the road from me. Please can you add me to the list. Would be good to meet some Rebel Motorsport members too as i will hopefully one day make it to one of the road trips.
Great news :D Will be good to see you there as well. I will pass the information onto Salem (Lyn) @Rebel.

If you join the forum you can have a peek at our future meets. We have this one @ powerstation and we are going to be going karting in November as well.

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R-2 would be great to see you there and we are a really friendly bunch..i'm sure youre car will also get some attention..

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Still spaces available if you are interested

Interest (remember that only payment secures your place)

1. SharkyUK + meal - Paid
2. Salem + meal - Paid
3. Agent Smith + meal - Paid
4. CJRamze + meal - - Paid
5. ihate_speedbumps - meal - Paid
6. stuart-t - Paid
7. fn1964 + meal - Paid
8. msprig - meal - Paid
9. jables + meal - Paid
10. youngster - - Paid
11. wedgie - - Paid
12. andyaldrich + meal - Paid
13. woo21e - - Paid
14. MickeyVTS + meal - - Paid
15. Big_T_GK - Paid
16. Ross106- - Payment pending
17. jonnyg + meal - - Paid
18. Sheri
19. palmer
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