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Personally I'd get the Thule Wingbar Edge in black as they are super quiet and would match a blue car well;

Trouble with most others is they stick up quite high and (IMHO) dont look great if left on the car :)
I'd recommend the Thule Wingbar Edge also. They don't stick out over the edge like in the images above.
The link posted above to roofbox.co.uk has the Thule 9595B bars Thule 4044 feet for £314 and Thule have the bars & feet for €369:

You can get them much cheaper on Amazon Warehouse - I got the bars & feet delivered to Dublin for €215 including shipping (I have Prime) - they came in a damaged box which I binned as soon as they were fitted.

Here's a set of bars on Amazon Warehouse for £160 (I got mine for about £140): https://www.amazon.co.uk/Thule-Wing...&sprefix=thule+9595,warehouse-deals,51&sr=8-1

Here's the foot kit: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Thule-4044...d=1655977139&sprefix=thule+4044,aps,65&sr=8-1

9595 is a pair of silver bars, and 9595B is a pair of black bars. Make sure you get the number 9595 - this is 1 large bar (for the front) and 1 medium bar (for the rear). There are 6 different numbers available (e.g. 9591 is 2 small bars, 9596 is 2 large bars), so 9595 or 9595B is the one you need.
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