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After getting my new car ive had problems with the sat nav directing me to the wrong place when putting in postcodes. I always check with the customer when i finally arrive and the postcode is always correct. It directs somewhere but not where i want to be :s i always look online before my appointments to see what the house looks like but generally use my sat nav to direct me. I spent a lot of money on a new civic and had no problems with my previous sat nav so i expect it to be better not worse :S.

Ive rang honda and they said its not the GPS it must be the software which is the issue so ive got to go get it looked at by they are saying if its the software i will probably have to pay (which im not no chance). Its the HDD sat nav so i cant just buy a new disc it has to be updated by Honda. Ive had the car for not even 2 months, i didn't ask for a penny off the price all i want is my sat nav to work correctly.


Does anyone have any idea's what it may be or has anyone had this problem before?
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