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Hi Guys,

Until recently it was absolutely impossible to create a back-up copy of your official Honda Navigation DVD. This had something to do with the official dual layer DVD's pressed in PTP mode (paralel track path), whereas any dual layer DVD-R disc can only be written in OTP mode (oposite track path). The navigation unit first checks whether the disc is a PTP disc. If not, the disc cannot be read. The only way to copy the disc is through an industrial DVD press. Impossible.

Now it seems that the new firmware of the 2011-2012 map (3.60) has somehow removed the PTP-check and accepts back-up discs. I currently have map version 3.60 in my 8th gen Accord running from a back-up disc. Should work in an 8th gen Civic as well.

Good luck in creating your own back-up disc!
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