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Here is a fix for owners of the West Europe White Disc 3.C0.

* Disclaimer *
I've installed this on my Sat Nav, but haven't fully tested that the clock works again. I currently have the hardmod installed, and to uninstall it would involve stripping out the dash and glove box to remove it, which I currently don't have the time to do. I'm pretty sure this should work, and I can verify that it didn't break my Sat Nav. However, do this at your own risk!

If you're the first one to try this and it works... congratulations, you're a pioneer!

What does it do?
For some reason Honda decided that 2003-01-01 is the beginning of time, and currently the Sat Nav clock is receiving times in 2002 (due to the GN-80 GPS module believing it's 2002 due to GPS week rollover). This patch changes Honda's beginning of time to 2002-01-01, which should mean the clock works again. - Well mostly, it won't adjust for DST as it will still think we're in a different month of the year.

This will work with a CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/DVD-RW, personally I opted for the DVD-RW.
Copy the following files to a folder on your PC from the original Honda DVD:

Save "civicclock.txt" from the attachment as "civicclock.exe" in the same folder.
Run "civicclock.exe" - the SMGA.bin will be updated (check the timestamp has changed).
Delete "civicclock.exe".
Burn all the remaining files to a CD/DVD (on Windows make sure to use the "standard" mode and not the newer "USB like" mode).
Insert the new disc into the Sat Nav DVD drive. When you see the message about "Can't read disc" simultaneously hold down "Menu", "Map" and "Back" (the bottom left button that looks like an arrow looping back on itself).
On the diagnostic screen go to "Version".
Press the "Download" button, and wait until the disc is installed.
Once the system reboots you can remove the disc and put your original disc back in - and hopefully have a working dash clock!
Thanks dsclee1. Worked a charm!

833 Posts
It was good whilst it lasted. Time was rolled back by one hour this morning for whatever reason. Will try and reload the fix tomorrow and report back.
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