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when i try to search from within a thread, i'm getting a database error.
doesnt happen when i'm in a subforum or the 'google custom search' over on the right.

what ya broke this time @Civ_Admin? :p

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I'll let them know.

They still haven't fixed the Wiki even though we've told them it's priority 1 and this is not the first time they've screwed it up.

We don't have a hot line to them but just a hidden area. We are at their mercy when they read it.

I think my report to them just about sums it up. Have I missed anything?

Explained in this thread:

[link to this thread]

Plus - don't forget the Wiki is still down - again

Plus - the 'manage attachments' Upload button is still hidden from view

Plus - the wysiwyg editor is putting in double spaces on a single CR

And - there has been a single report of someone not able to post in the 'Wanted' thread, I'm monitoring this to see if others reply.

And finally, the replacement Civinfo sticker that Glenda said was being processed on the 4th May still hasn't arrived.
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