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This is my first posting.
I have a Diesel 2.2 Manual 2008 Civic.
After 91.500 miles I have had the clutch replaced.
The duel Mass Flywheel was shot to pieces but the clutch plate was in quite good condition. This is not my problem as it has had a good life.

The problem I have now is that the hydraulic clutch system has self adjusted to the point where I have to put my foot flat to the floor to be able to engage a gear and then it bites just 25mm from the floor.
I have asked the dealer about this but because they did not do the work they were as helpful as a hole in the head.

I am finding it damaging and hurting my foot to have to keep this "Flooring The Clutch" action when I am driving.

Is this correct???

It was fitted by Mr Clutch and was an original Honda part.

I was charged £500.00 for the clutch (Honda Part) and £550.00 for the flywheel (other manufacturer part)

I would love to get some ideas if this can be adjusted in a different way!!!!

Many Thanks
Nigel :confused:

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Brand new honda clutches are like this....drive around town for a day or two and it will loosen up and flatten the high spots ;)
Preferable somewhere with lots of traffic lights.
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