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is there a way to do this like with the 8th gen civic when the dash lights up like a xmas tree?
then at the end tell you of any faults or past faults.
not having any issues with the car just wondering if it can be done

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you can do something in the fuse box to get body codes up
but if your wanting to read any engine codes just buy a code reader for under a tenner
this will NOT read abs steering or airbag codes
but it will read engine and associated codes on most cars
if you want 1 that reads abs aswell as engine codes then you pay a bit more
I have bot the above and rate them highly
but ive also got another that's even better but that was more
the only thing ill say about the foxwell scanner is buy from someone with good feedback I bought mine via amazon and it works fine but there are a few copys around that don't work
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