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As most of you know I like to look after my own car & keep it as clean & protected as possible.

I'm happy to offer my cleaning services to anyone on Civinfo.

The offer is as follows:-

* car snow foamed

* car washed with high end shampoo using a wool mitt & 2 bucket method

* wheels & tyres cleaned

* car pressure rinsed

* entire vehicle including glass, plastics and wheels sealed and protected with a polymer sealant.

* car dried with quality drying towel

* exterior glass cleaned

* tyres dressed

Price is £29.95 & will take up to 3 hours. Other work can be added if required, but obviously this will incur extra charges & time.

I don't mind the owner staying with me & picking up tips whilst the work is carried out. However, if you want to go elsewhere you can catch a tram to Meadowhall & do some retail therapy.
1 - 20 of 188 Posts
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