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Hi folks,

While changing to my winter tyres a few weeks ago it looks like the garage slightly damaged the underskirt of my civic tourer. They obviously put the jack in the wrong position. I only noticed it at the weekend when washing the car - its under the drivers door and you wouldnt notice it unless you bend down to look, thing is that now i know about it.. it will annoy me

I could go back to the garage and ask about repairing it but i doubt they would..

In the long term I was thinking i might add side skirts to hide it..

Anyone added these?

Genuine Honda Civic Tourer Side Skirts-2014> [08F04TV06T2] - £272.65 : Buy Genuine Honda Parts, Honda Car Parts & Honda Spare Parts Online

Im not sure from the picture but looks like they are carbon colour?

There is also these from Honda

Honda Ireland - New Civic

But they look to be silver in colour?

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