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Smart repair question

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Roughly how much am i looking at for smart repairs? just got a couple of marks on the bumper left by bad parkers
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I had the misfortune of this happening to mine got chipsaway to give me a quote for £160ish, but a friend of a friend with a bodyshop done it for me for £120 well impressed :)


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In my experience, the ones round here are a but like WeBuyAnyCar ;
They quite say £70/panel but it is inevitably more when the see the job, and paint repairs are ok on the edge of a panel or door, but if it's in the middle of a panel you hear a sucking in if breath through teeth.
I always use a brilliant little bodyshop near me, H&D in Mansfield; never fails!
Hey Jason, I've just been and had my rear bumper sprayed (only the passenger side quarter) due to some nasty gouges into the plastic.

Airmyn Garage filled/smoothed and blended in the paintwork for £85 for me. It's a cracking job, they're just off J36 of the M62. Can get you a phone number if you like.
Im probably gonna try use someone local, thanks for the info tho, 3 corners of my car have now been scuffed, I'm pretty annoyed tbh
Yeah it's infuriating, hate taking my car anywhere... at least hate parking it anywhere!
I cant even get chipsaway in my area company and a complete joke wont reply to a quote had to chase them to only find out none in my area, said they get back to me 3 weeks later nothing.
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