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snapping sound from front wheels

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hi guys
recently i bought Honda civic type r from 2007 and i heard some strange snapping sound from front wheels two times now
first time i was going backward and i was turning right and suddenly i heard strong sound i would describe it like something snapped from front right wheel. then i went out to check if i hit something or even if tire has blown but i couldn't see anything and in that time i had car for short period but didn't notice anything different in car behavior and after that there wasn't any of clacking noise or anything like that.
second time i was going forward this time i was taking right corner and in mid corner the sound occurred again but this time from front left. and after that sound happened again there was some strange clacking noise from front left like couple of hits but it wasn't consistent or anything, and after that went for drive to see or hear if anything similar will happen again but that wasn't the case . so i was wondering if anybody had similar issues and if you had how did you fix this. i am going to take car to mechanic in Honda dealership but first i would like to hear opinions from others ctr owners
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