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Well, after 4 years of owning the civic I've traded her in.
I've had a decent 50k out of her and will miss that 3rd gear pull she readily unleashed.

It's been a pleasant journey but I don't do 300 miles on a weekend anymore so I've gone for something more fuel efficient on my now 20 mile a week run.
This is the main reason really, she didn't even get warm before I got to work. And the heaters were still stone cold.

Plus I dodged her dropping the clutch bill on me. She's still pulling strong so I hope he next owner get at least 20k out of it before it slips.

I've gone Vag guys, and I don't think I'll look back.
Fair enough the Honda engine would outlast the world if treated right, but the rest of the car really did lack in areas.

I mean I have a decent layer of paint now, it has depth!
The stone chips, where are they?
And the rattles, don't even get me started on the rattles.

And I even get a spare wheel with this one! Not a bottle of tire spunk in sight.

I really do wish you guys all the best.
It's been a journey and this forum has really been great.

So long bhches
Dan xxx

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20 miles a week. 4 miles a day over a five day working week. 2 miles each way! You need a car? Wish I worked that close. Bye and good luck with new car
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