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For a while now, Honda has been deliberating as to how it plans to restructure itself and its luxury marque, Acura, over the next few years. We already spread the word that a future NSX replacement was canned in the works, but now it seems that more casualties have come up across the two brands.

Honda will not be planning a successor to the S2000 roadster, nor will there be a drop-top version of the upcoming CR-Z coupe. Additionally, all plans for Acura's rumored V-8 engine have been shelved, as well as any future entries into the rear-wheel-drive segment. Honda was planning to potentially build these new RWD cars to compete with vehicles like BMW's 3- and 5-Series. The first of these examples was expected to roll out in 2015 as a 7-Series competitor. AutoCar also reports that the Honda Accord could move to one global model, as opposed to the two different versions which are sold around the world.

As we drive into the future, Honda will concentrate its efforts on building more hybrids and a new small city car. The automaker projects to build more than 500,000 hybrids by 2012, including the all-new Insight which will debut in Detroit next week.

+ AutoCar: Honda axes sports and luxury models (via AutoblogGreen)

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