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Hi Guys

I want a Type S GT-T but here is my predicament. My understanding of this model you recieve a full screen satnav/bt unit radio cd mp3 player? Am i right?

So fully functional Sat Nav, BT, CDRadio MP3?

Is the ipod adaptor reversing camera additional accesories?

Ok, so current setup and after seeing a number of setups in forum users cars they have mange to source a double din fascia which im thinking for a single sized alpine unit or if i didnt get a gt-t model does the gt just have the standard radio?

The setup i ideally want is this

- BT Handfree Unit - Either Parrot/Alpine etc, to go through the headunit
- SatNav through a tomtom unit - already purchased. So although i would purchase a Screen headunit i wouldnt want a sat nav package installed with it im thinking? Feedback please?

I have an Ipod classic so ideally would like an ipod lead connected in the glove box so if i get an 3rd party unit i would get the compatible ipod lead.

So need help deciding? Ideas and feedback welcome. How mauch is the fasicia for the double din unit.
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