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I want to improve the sound system in my civic, can anyone tell me what I need to buy an get fitted. The sound system isnt great, and I'm well into my music, so want to upgrade my speakers or get an amplifier.. can anyone recommend what I need to buy.. how much it will cost.. an where i can get it done.. I'm in Manchester


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I've just bought all my new gear - eventually!!

I wanted to upgrade all speakers and fit an amp to power them, plus fit a sub which was easily removed.

I went for the alpine swd-3000 as my sub as it already has an amp attached to it (£136 inc delivery off ebay): SWD-3000 - Alpine - Europe - Mobile Media Solutions

I have gone for Alpine type s 6.5" components for the front and co-axel's in the rear (£124 inc delivery for both from www.caraudiocentre.co.uk : SPS-171A - Alpine - Europe - Mobile Media Solutions & SPS-17C2 - Alpine - Europe - Mobile Media Solutions

These will be powered by the alpine MRP-F300 amp (£124 inc delivery from Audio Images - Car Audio, Tracker, Alarms, DVD Video, iPod, MP3) : MRP-F300 - Alpine - Europe - Mobile Media Solutions

I will also need to get a speaker to RCA adaptor (£10-20) along with a power lead distributor and fuses etc.

Im planning to mount the speaker amp in the 'hidden' compartment in the boot (the sub amp is on the side of the box)

I hope this helps a bit!

www.caraudiosecurity.com is another good website for parts.
http://www.caraudiohelp.com/ is a good website for help on installation/right fuses/cable guages etc (all instructions are down the right hand side of the web page)
dont forget www.google.co.uk it is your friend!!
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