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Hi All,

I've followed CivInfo for years, and have used many of the guides posted to do incremental mods on my Civic over the past 13 years! I bought it at 6 months old and can never honestly think about getting rid of it. I'm on 108,000 miles, trust me we partied at the 100k mark.

Modifications I've done over the years
  • Rear spoiler added
  • All LED bulb replacements
  • Tinted rear windows
  • Front and rear HEKO's added
  • Painted caliper's red
  • Skunk2 Gear Knob replacement
  • Swapped the front bumper mirror "grill" for an actual OEM black grill
  • Swapped out stock ICE for Kenwood DMX-7017DABS with a Reverse cam and Kenwood DRV-520 Dashcam (Best thing I ever did!)
  • Front Speaker upgrade
  • Front and rear OEM mudflaps
  • Tow bar added (I've even got a roof box!)
So as you can see, I love this car and have some future mod plans for it, as changing things occasionally refreshes the car for us. So below I've made a list of these future plans and would appreciate any tips or pointers on any of them but mainly on the wheel spacers.

Modifications I'd like to do
  • Footwell lighting (Going to use a guide posted here for this)
  • Front fog lights additon with new stalk (I'll get round to this eventually)
  • Replacement wing mirror casings (General wear and tear has cracked these, could do with recommendations)
  • Heated seats (Either full seat replacements or addtion of wired in heat pads in the existing seats)
  • Full body Repaint/Touch up/Dip/Wrap (Paint is really showing it's age now, what's the best solution? Orignal colour is Nighthawk Black)
  • Wheel Spacers (This is my main focus right now)
There are loads of posts around FN2 and CTR wheel spacers but nothing really on FK2 compatibility. Just so you know I still have the stock 205/55/R16 alloys, not really looking to get bigger alloys, but am open to suggestions. Definitely not looking to lower the suspension, so your opinions on this will go a long way. I've noticed that the most recommended configuration is 20mm rear and 15mm front on most FN2's, has anybody installed spacers on an FK2? If not, I'd be happy to be the first and share the experience.

I'm fully open to any further suggestions of upgrades I could undertake, so cheers in advance...
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Those look good. Am I right in thinking that Hubcentric and 5x114.3 are the way to go? Do you have any recommendations of where to get them from? eBay seem to have some good offers right now, anything I should steer clear of?
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