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Speaker Problems with Parrot MKI 9200

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I thought i would post on here to see if anyone has had similar problems before i go and tear my car apart to try and find the problem.

In the last couple of days my front speakers have become temperamental. it started with the passenger side 1 stopping working then it would go on and off with each bump. A day or so later the drivers side started playing up too. I think the rear speakers work fine throughout. It is now at the stage where it is a complete lottery as to what is working. Sometimes no front speakers for a while so i turn it up then they come on so i am nearly deafened with the awful noise the standard speakers make at high volume.

I have recently(about 2-3 weeks ago) fitted a Parrot MKI9200 using the how to guide i found on here so my suspicions are raised that it may be linked to this. Either a problem with the SOT lead or in the parrot blue box itself.

Has anyone else had similar issues or any advice?
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Every few few weeks i will lose the small drivers speaker and i found it is to do with the connections withe parrot and sot lead if i give them a wrigggle it comes back on.Probally not getting a good connection.
Thanks for the info. Confirms what I suspected. Oh well looks like the dash will be getting pulled apart in the next couple of days.
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