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Hi folks,
I'm planning to fit some aftermarket springs in my R, but i need some help from you.

Firstly, i must say that i was going to fit a coilover kit like kw v2 or v3, but i think that for the use i give to the car this option is going to be too "hardcore" and maybe the ride will be to stiff for everyday use.

Then i decided to buy a spring kit and do the "frs", but there are out there a very wide range of brands and models and i don't know witch ones to choose.

I found models from HR, Cobra, Eibach and some others. In this forum, all the people seems to wear Eibach, but i've found that there are at least 3 different models of those springs. Tpw talked about ones that lowered the car 15mm, then there are others that lower the car 25mm and finally the abp-eibach ones that lower the car 30mm.

Do they all work the same way?

Marcin and David, i saw a pic of your cars and one is riding HR and the other eibach. Do you have the same feeling with both? Do they lower the same?

Thank you very much in advance.
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