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Spring Brecon Drive 22nd May 2011

200 miles max in total
10 Stages for meeting points, meal stops and the famous photos stops.

Simlar format to last year.

Meeting points

Sarn Services Jct 36 M4 - 0930hrs leaving at 10am
Finishing off at the Cafe near Hereford..

As always you dont have to do the whole route. The route is done in easy stages where we stop off chat take photos and if you like enjoy the road again. Its not a cruise or a race its a touring driving meet for responsible drivers.

If you would like to know more about this meet or others which I organise then feel free to contact me


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Salem - Honda Civic Type R (EP3)
Missyp - Honda Civic Type R (EP3)
RyszCTR - Honda Civic Type R (EP3)
Stuart t - Honda Civic Type R (FD2)
Murray - Honda Civic Type R (FD2)
Omi - Honda Civic Type R (FN2)
SharkyUK - Clio Sport Trophy (with new throttle bodies)
ihate_speedbumps - Honda Civic
wildcat - BMW
MickeyVTS - VTS
Bod - Subaru
Jonny_g - Audi TT
Grumpy - Skoda VRS
CJRamze - Seat Leon Cupra R
woo21e - Fiat Punto
bwc - Honda Civic
Comp - Ford Focus ST
berty182 - Honda Civic

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Ok folks only a couple of days to go..

Meeting points
Sarn Services Jct 36 M4 - 0930hrs leaving at 10am
Please can you be there for no later then 0945hrs so we can be ready to leave before 10am as there will be a very quick safety brief and I will have details of the stage points printed out.

2 way radios will be available if you wish (please make sure you give them back tho)

Route has been split into 5 stages... and in total is no more then 175 miles
however you can leave at any stage all we ask is you let us know and return any property of the clubs.

Stage 1 -
Services - fuel, toilets and shop.
Drive over the mountain roads and if available we will stop off to enjoy views and take photos etc. - 40 miles

Stage 2 -
Service Station - fuel, toilets and shop
More country and mountain roads with a stop off to enjoy views take photos and enjoy the road again if you wish - 30 miles

Stage 3 -
Country Park - toilets and tea shop
Chance to have a cup of tea slice of cake or see if you can spot a deer or two before MickeyVTS takes us on his journey down some twisty country roads. - 35 miles

Stage 4 -
Regroup - toilets and shop
From here we have 2 routes to reach out final destination –
Mountain route – 70 miles
Country route – 50 miles
Both route boast stunning views and are great drives.

Stage 5 -
Honey Cafe - toilets and cafe
Table will be pre booked so please let me know you wish to join us for a meal :thumbsup:

In the unlikely (but it has happened in the past) you break down, we have a local tow truck and garage available who offer Rebel Motorsport Club member rates.

As always with Rebel Motorsport Club we will be raising funds for the Wales Air Ambulance click here and money donated to this event will carry over to our main summer charity drive.

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photos are no in the Gallery Club events.
Thanks for looking :)

Roll on the next club meet ;)
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