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Hey guys,

The speakers in my car have started playing a static noise (I recorded the output, you can listen it here: Static sound ).

This sounds are not constant, sometimes you can hear them and some other times everything seems to be fine. It feels like that when I hit a bump those sounds start to be more frequent.

The speakers in general seem to still be working fine as the radio for example works and you can listen it without any issue.

A couple of things that I think could have contributed to this:
  • Right before this issue I have tried for the very first time inserting a cd player to see if I could play music from a cd. The cd player didn't really like that as I could hear to mechanism to eject the cd but no cd would come out for a few minutes. Therefore, I discovered that the cd player of the car is faulty.
  • On the samy day, before testing the cd player, I had to jump start the car as the battery was completely out of power (I had left the headlights on for an entire day).
Does anyone have an idea of what sort of electronic issue this is? Could have been the jump start that caused this? Or maybe testing the cd player?

Any help would be greatly apprecited.

Thank you.
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