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Hi guys,

Sorry if this post is in the wrong place - it's my first time here so go easy ;)

After nursing my civic along with the same slipping LuK clutch/DMF issue that most people face, I decided to replace all the necessary parts when I got to 141k. It was becoming an issue accelerating at any good pace and I found all the necessary parts I needed on Amazon going very cheap (brand new too).

I had a local garage fit the DMF and the SAC clutch kit (both LuK).. as I thought 141k wasn't too bad for an original setup on a 2006 model. Everything works fine and there's no slip - the only issue I face is that engine noise is now making its way into the car from the foot-well area, which I determined to be the steering column grommet coming loose when they removed the sub-frame which typically pulls on the steering rack and thus dislodges the gaitor/grommet.

I'm including a shot of the grommet from the inside of the car and wanted to know if this looked right? (turns out I can't submit links on my first post - any ideas how to get around this?) Or should some of this rubber be above the metal of the bulkhead and not below?

Any advice would be magic.

Best wishes,

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