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Another problem:

I was just on the motorway and noticed at about 60+mph the car starts to vibrate quite a bit. When steering is needed at speed, the car begins to bounce and it doesn't feel so safe.

I assume the obvious answer is to balance the wheels since I just replaced the two front tires - but I had them changed at kwikfit and saw them do wheel balancing through the window + had wheel alignment done.

The reason why I'm even posting this is because other things that have happened in the past 2 days are a new set of rear brake pads - which seems to be causing a bit of an intermittent screeching noise. And the gearbox oil was changed the same day. I had every intention of using Honda MTF and had 2L but when my mechanic searched it in his system it said needed approx 3.1L. So I got some other stuff from eurocarparts since it was all dismantled anyway.

So the question is, of the three things recently done on my car (rear brakes, front tires and gearbox oil) - is the wheel balancing still the most likely cause of bouncing/vibrations at speed?
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