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I bought my Civic Tourer 1.6 diesel in May this year. So far I have driven 16000km and in general I like my car but... I travel a lot through Germany and at higher speed (over 140km/h) quite often car becomes unstable. In curves or with a side wind it leans to the side, irresponsive steering makes it even worse to keep Civic on the highway lane.
I would like to make the suspension stiffer without lowering it to much. Unfortunatelly after some research I was not able to find almost any spring or coilover option that would fit y car. The only ones I found are the spring kits from H&R, KW or Eibach but in most cases the lowering is around 30mm which I find to much. Eibach option seems to be quite acceptable with 15mm drop in the rear but it still comes with 30mm in front.
Does any know any coilovers option for Civic Tourer 1.6 diesel without significant lowering? Maybe there are other ways to improve handling without investing in a complete coilovers set?
My Civic is not equipped with rear adjastable struts.
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