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Suspention noise & honda mechanic

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Suspension noise & honda mechanic

ok so my car is currently in the garage to have the front suspension looked at. the mechanic has just phoned me to explain the the rubber squelching noise that i here going over the slightest pothole is coming from the bump stops and is completely NORMAL? i told him i none of the other cars i have driven make this noise and i had heard about the problem with suspension on early civics and he completely agreed with me but said the problem was mostly the rear shocks. he is now going back over it and im waiting for a callback
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Known issue with the bump stops. Get him to replace them for the white ones if you've not already - alternatively successes have been had by cutting some of the rubber off to make them shorter. Have a quick search you'll find lots of info.
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Problem diagnosed with no fuss both front struts and bump stops are faulty. and all is being replaced free as they are covered under my warranty.

thanks to honda arnold clark in kirkcaldy great costomer service again. has anyone noticed they keep info on your car, because they produced a green folder full of paperwork when i gave them my name. they must know my MOT and service is due at the end of the month, maybe thats why they are being so helpfull?
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