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Driving my car on the motorway today and i noticed for the first time a rattling/tapping noise which seems to be coming from directly in front of me, from under the bonnet as far as i can guess.

At first i thought it was grit/stones bouncing up form the road, the noise isn't always constant - i only hear it when i get over about 40mph and turn the radio down.

Done some searches on here but nothing which helps me out really, any suggestions anyone on what a front rattly/tapping noise could be?

Also, pulling over for an ambulance this evening i kerbed the car quite badly at about 30mph, the nearside front alloy is pretty badly scuffed around about 90% of the rim (bad enough that i had to wipe loose filings off the alloy) and the awful scraping noise is probably never going to leave me!! :(

The steering seems a few degrees off center to the left, i'm hoping this will just be tracking and nothing more serious?

Thanks guys

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