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We are pretty busy at the moment not only in the workshop but doing tuning work away from our base.
We quite often get asked to tune cars elsewhere having travelled all over Europe and even into North America on occasions but this particular trip was pretty interesting because of the nature of the car and testing conditions we were offered.

A couple of weeks ago (Easter Weekend) Paul together with Alex travelled out to Portugal to assist in setup in a rather special Honda powered race car.

The particular car is a 2009 Juno with sequential box owned and campaigned at the highest level by Paulo from PRMiniracing in the Portuguese FIA Hillclimb championship.
Its a K20 motor with dry sump setup running Pectel engine management.

Their Facebook page is here so click like and keep in touch with how they get on this year with their 2 Honda K20 powered cars: https://www.facebook.com/prminiracing?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser

We are on the road again in a couple of weeks tuning at Gerry's place in Glasgow (PerformanceTek) and then I have a trip to Spain mid May for a couple of jobs so pretty busy, but its awesome work :)

After a few hiccups we managed to get a good solid tune on the car on the Saturday and on the Monday we had a days testing at Braga where we were able to test a few map settings and make sure everything looked good.

Cant wait to see this out in a couple of weeks time in the first round. :cool:

And we still got to watch how the lads were doing at Silverstone in the first round of the Vtec challenge with live timing through TSL....... from the bar!

And finally a video of the car during testing on Bank Holiday Monday at Braga where we had private hire of the circuit to finish off the map and work on the throttle response which we couldn't do on the dyno


This is the car I tuned with Rui driving it last year.

Imagine something as quick as an Ariel atom.... and then imagine it with proper Aero and you will get an idea of just how quick this thing goes and changes direction!

Epic is an understatement :)
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