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Hi peeps,

First post and Im in a bit of a quandary with my 2007 Civic Sport.

I have an issue with the temp control dial in that in makes no difference to what temp its set at the air is always warm coming from the vents.

The only time it makes a difference is when I have it set to "low" and then the air is lukewarm as opposed to hot. I did have an issues with the outside air sensor as it was reading -34 and Id heard these affect the temp inside the car. Ive since replaced that with a genuine sensor and the display reads normal now but the temp in the car is still warm.

Im at a loss as to what has happened or even where to start looking.

The only thing I can think of is that right before this started I had fitted a new double din stereo and there was a lot of wiring and its all tucked down on top of the heather box behind the dash.

Any ideas please?


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