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**TEMPORARY FIX** - Engine stutter/judder when accelerating.

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Engine sometimes sutterting/juddering when accelerating (no discernible pattern) in my 2007 1.4 DSI Civic (FK1).

Steps already taken:
  • Removed and cleaned EGR valve, and it's port on the engine block.
  • Checked front set of spark plugs and coil packs.
Any help / advice would be appreciated.

The Long Story
Hi there. About 2 months ago, I purchased my first car, a 2007 1.4 DSI Honda Civic (Was looking at an EP3 style but unfortunately couldn't find any decent ones in my price range). It has a pretty mint MOT History for the price (拢2,250) and has been serviced at yearly intervals by one previous owner, with the most recent service being at 102k miles. I purchased the car at 103k. After test driving it, I couldn't see any issues so I bought it.

On the drive back from purchasing the car, it stuttered slightly when going down the dual carriageway. Unfortunately this issue didn't occur during the test drive.

As time's gone on, I've noticed this stutter more frequently, especially when accelerating quickly onto a roundabout, or getting up to speed on a slip road. After researching the issue, I found that someone had a similar problem with a 1.4 DSI Jazz of the same age. They recommended cleaning out the EGR valve, as it can get gummed up over time.

Yesterday I took out the EGR valve out, cleaned it out with some GT85 and some rags (ensuring to pull the pin out and clean underneath), then cleaned the port for it, put it all back together and took it round the block. It seemed to be fine, but earlier today, I took it out for some errands and it stuttered again when accelerating onto a roundabout.

I've checked the front 4 spark plugs and all seem to be virtually new. I've checked the coil packs at the same time and they are all clean from oil and any other materials. I haven't been able to check the rear spark plugs (second set due to DSI engine), as to access them it looks as if I have to remove the scuttle tray which I haven't had time for, although I feel that if it was caused by a misfire / malfunctioning spark plug or coil pack, it would be more frequent instead of random or it would show a warning light on the dash.

I was wondering if anyone had any other advice or thoughts on this matter, as I'm concerned that this could be dangerous if it gets more frequent.

If any more info is required then I'll happily let you know.

Thanks for the help :)
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Good news! Last night I decided to plug my code reader into the car and look at the live data. For some reason, the EGR_ERR value was still 99.2%, so I decided to try unplugging the EGR Valve connector, after it had warmed up and was juddering.

After unplugging it, car drove flawlessly, no issues whatsoever.

I am unsure as to why this is still happening as I replaced the EGR valve and gasket with a brand new unit. If anyone could shed light on this it'd be fantastic.

I'm planning on driving with it unplugged, although it occasionally flags up an EWL telling me "The exhaust gas recirculation performance is poor", and having to clear the codes on my car every trip would suck a bit.

I'm also aware that an alternative is to get it mapped out, but I'm unsure what the cost of that will be, nor the availability in the current year.

This, however, seems to be a temporary fix that works well enough.
Just a thought, maybe the new EGR valve is also faulty, maybe worth returning it to where you bought it and getting them to check it and replace it if faulty. 馃憤
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I'd be wary of having the EWL on, it's an automatic MOT failure. 馃憤
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