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Good Afternoon members.
Hope you are all well.

Here at TTS we design and manufacture Supercharger conversion kits, for all levels of performance, from sport kits, to full race kits. We would like to say they were perfect, but we had a few issues, only a few but we did. Not from our side, but from Rotrex Superchargers themselves. We have been awaiting a supercharger, that can handle the extreme conditions of Circuit Racing, Drifting and Drag Racing, and until now, this was possible, but the reliability of the superchargers used to let us down.

Well, the long awaited chargers have now been released.

The fast revving, low inertia Honda engines gave Rotrex superchargers a hard time especially with the harsh rev limiters and launch control etc. This means the Honda owner needs to treat the supercharger with respect and realise that their engine’s and superchargers won’t last if they are continuously abused. If it was a turbo you wouldn’t run it hard and then switch the engine off as soon as you came to a halt as you could do damage to the turbo. You may even resort to a turbo timer to keep the engine running until the turbo had cooled down. So with a Rotrex you should work within its limitations and not bounce off rev limiters etc. BUT you can switch off the engine without waiting for it to cool down, as it runs at less than 80 Deg. C. not 900 deg.C. like a turbo.

Now Rotrex are not a company to stand still and strive to improve and strengthen their product continuously. In the last year they have made changes to the C38 range of superchargers and this has proven to improve their durability substantially. You will be please to know that Rotrex have now treated their C30 range of supercharges to the same changes, so reliability will improve 10 fold. This is great news for Honda owners and dealers world wide. Rotrex are the only supercharger company to offer a 24 month warranty, this is unheard of in the auto performance world.

It's time to say goodbye to heatsoaking Turbos, and hello to efficient cool superchargers. Make way for ultimate, instant, progressive power, and sit back and hold on tight. We have the Supercharger to suit any modification, and its now time to order yours.

We have a fantastic offer of 10% off all kits till Christmas, so don't wait around. Order your kit today. Please email [email protected] or
call +44 (0) 1327 858212
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