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Hi All,

In the Netherlands they are giving away 2 free Honda Civics, well, if you send in a little video where you persuade a friend to take a testdrive in the new Honda Civic.

Well, my little brother and me also made a little video and wanted to share it with you all. :D

For this to work you have to have a Facebook account and "Like" Honda Netherlands. (www.facebook.com/HondaNL)

The URL to my little video: https://www.facebook.com/HondaNL/?sk=app_341660945900814&app_data=0ojbKydO84M (hope this works) Tell me what you think, and ofcourse, all likes are more then welcome :cool:

If you don't have a Facebook, you can check my videochannel on Youtube (www.youtube.com/lucasdewal) look for the video "Mijn filmpje om twee Civics te winnen" (translated: "My little video to win two Civics")


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