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Thicking sound and showing speed in idle

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I have civic 1.8 vtec hatchback 5doors ,year 2010.
Last days i have noticed strange thing.
On cool working engine in garage ,
in idle when i,m out of car on spedometer is zero but sometimes the speedometer is showing sped like when i driving.When this happens( showing speed)from the engine is coming thicking sound ,or from the gearbox i cannot notice from where.
When i,m siting on driver seat (or press the seat) that not happens but when i standup that happens.
And i have noticed when i press clutch pedal when i,m standing from out of car that happens but when i,m seated on driver seat everithing is normal.
And my cruise control is not working ,maybe that is coming from this problem.
please help me!

you can see on video links :

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Noisy valves, my old 2000 civic had the same, the valve springs (LMA’s) degrade over time, so you could either replace them with new ones or even upgrade to stiffer spec ones, this and a valve adjustment. But on a cold engine that is nothing to worry about, but if you start getting noisy valves on a warm engine that’s when you should start thinking to do something about it.
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