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Ok folks, I'm new so be gentle.
I also don't own a Civic, but rather want to get some feedback.
My girlfriend and I are looking to buy a newish car - we want something with a minimum of 4 doors, and we want all the toys - ie satnav, bluetooth, cruise control, leather interior, and so on.
In our price bracket, we've been looking at a few things, but keep coming back to the Civic 5dr EX.
We don't have the cash for a brand new one, but we've been checking out the likes of autotrader for decent, low mileage 2nd hand.

Maybe a daft question, but would you recommend us getting one?
In our area, it seems that with our spec, and in our locale, there's an automatic. Would this be a wise choice?

It also appears to be an auto, as opposed to an i-Shift.
We haven't driven many autos (though did test drive an i-Shift at the weekend), but we can't test drive the auto in our area.

Is there a big difference between the iShift and the auto?
Also - how do these operate in snow/ice?
Our current car, which we love is an old BMW Compact, and to be fair if it wasn't for the fact the BMW are rear wheel drive, we'd be getting another, as the build quality is superb (imo). Due to the bad winter weather we've had in recent years, where the BMW was basically parked up for a while because of how poorly it handles in snow/ice, we've decided to go front wheel drive, and this is where the Civic comes in.

I'm a bit concerned as well regarding the ecomony on the autos.
We'd like to get something which is a bit more economical than the beemer...
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