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thinking about getting some grid drifts

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Hi guys,

Just thinking about getting some nice rota grid drifts but i am unsure as to what size and offset's will fit my FN, I have the eibach springs and dropped 30mm.

I'm after this look

thanks yall
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Standard 45 offset should be fine no?

Please post pics when they are on the car. Think it will look awesome.
The thing is that the 18" ones come in sizes like 18x10 et 22 ect, so i was wondering about these kind of fitment
Mmmmm, not sure that would work.

There's an offset calculator somewhere. Will see if I can dig the link out.
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Lai I wouldn't go any less the et40 and would look for a 18x8. Those would sit way outside your arches and catch like mad especially with oyu havinbg the 30mm drop. Shame as they do look stunning :)
exactly the wheels I want :)

altho not in that colour
If you have a BBK take that into consideration too, OR if you ever plan on getting a BBK then consider your wheel choice, be a shame to have to switch wheels in the future to allow fitment of the BBK
Unfortunately Lai, and sorry to break the bad news. These wont fit as they dont have any of the availabel sizes for the FN2. You can go as low as offset of 38 if its a 8" wide rim. That is the absalute limit and sits perfectly flush with the arches. doesnt matter about your 30mm eibachs as I had exactly the same and looked at these exact wheels as they are beautiful!!!

But the lowest they went i think was a 9 inch width and offset of 30 which would stick out alot.
If you had a wide arch kit made they would look lush and definitely one of a kind!
What about the Rota GR6's? Although the "spokes" so to say are thinner and not as aggressive as these, but they will defo fit.

But for reference. 38 offset and 8" width or even 8.5" width and offset of 40 is absolutely fine :)
Thanks for the all the advice guys. I had a play on the calculator and basically they would sit out by roughly 71mm :(

Im gutted, I been wanting these for a while and have only managed to really get on researching.

Black woulda been my choice.

Thanks for all of your help

18x8 with 40offset would give you no issues even lowered...
are you only after the rotas or just rims of a similar style?
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