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Thumbs Up For Holdcroft Honda

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I posted last week about an engine noise under acceleration - took it to Holdcroft today 20 min test drive with service manager 30 mins with a tech and a health check - turns out possibly water pump or alternator but neither in a state that require changing - recommended to leave it and see if it gets worse ( water pump driven by auxiliary belt so won't be catastrophic if it fails) so an hour of their time and absolutely no cost to me.
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I’ve used them also a few times with my 2.2ctdi - They have been great. Fitted a new clutch under warranty, no fuss.
They replaced a leaky driveshaft oil seal for free. I did however say that the seal probably got damaged when doing the clutch.
The car has been serviced by them and always found them very good and helpful...
My type r mats came from them ... Very good price
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