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TMC doesn't work in my Accord. I have found the answers in exsisting threads on TMC on this forum, so I started a new one.

I'm running the latest firmware and DVD. I've listed traffic events, I've checked the service/diagnostics menu, I've driven all over the country, but I don't receive traffic events. Provider count remains null. TMC icon is usually red. Every now and then I receive a handful of messages, but never more then, like, five. I receive lots of TMC-events in my Tomtom, but not in the Honda.

I notice in the diagnostics menu that it scans some FM frequencies, but not all of them... It keeps skipping 0.3 Mhz (99.6, 99.9, etc.) It never finds anything usable.

I'm trying to gather some info on TMC in other Hondas. Do you receive traffic events? In the Civic? What about Accords and CRVs? Specifically in the Netherland?
Do you think it may be a faulty unit?
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