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My traffic warning function has stopped working. The TMC symbol seems to stay red (scanning) for ever and a day and when it eventually goes blue there are no warnings displayed, even though I know there should be as there are major roadworks going on, near me in Oxford, that have showed every other day. When I used to zoom out I could see warning symbols across the entire country but when I zoom out now not one single symbol appears.

Anyone have any ideas?

Cheers and Merry Christmas.

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Have a dig around the forum and use the '3 finger salute' to get into the menu's.

Once in there, there is a display that will show 'TMC Providers' and how many have been found. If this number remains on zero then you have a reception problem. The display does show the unit searching for them.

If it does list one or more then Google up the frequencies and see which stations it's trying to use.

I had a short spell a few years ago when Eagle radio in Surrey became a 'provider' but didn't actually transmit any info for the first few weeks so I had no TMC until I got closer to London and a stronger station took over.
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