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The TODA high compression forged piston kit or the K20A comes complete with forged pistons, piston rings,C-clips, and heavy duty wrist pins. Defric coating (Lubricous film) is applied to the piston skirt, for a reduction in friction and loads as well as improved durability.

The basic form of the piston is an elliptical barrel. This forms the basis from which each part is subjected to high loads and measured for thermal expansion to accuracy of 1/1000(mm). The top edge of the piston uses a castellation design to reduce sticking, improve lubrication and sealing. The design also acts as a scuff-band to reduce run in time.

TODA piston also feature improved oil drainage with redesigned oil channels. Improved oil drainage reduces piston weight during engine operations which is ideal for high rpm use.

A special N+ Piston Kit is also available with Ultra High Compression (derived from N+ racing series engines).

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