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tombomb's Milano FN2 progress.

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I bought the car when I was 21 and was over the moon with it. The noise the standard engine made would put a smile on my face and driving it round town would always make me feel like the king of the road.....Ive been into car forums before as I was an active member on cliosport.net before so I came in search of one for my Type-R and ended up at CTRO. I soon realised that it was mainly for the ep3 and was pointed in the direction of this great forum!

Anyway...enough boring stuff. Heres what I have done so far in the order that the mods came in.

- Mr. JP's Headlights
- Mr. JP's L.E.D Sidelights
- Mr. JP's Interior lights (RED)

Next up I saw a milltek come up on the forums so I bought that and on she went.

MVI_2350.mp4 video by ruff21 - Photobucket

After some good reviews on the forum I decided to order some team Heko wind deflectors mainly for the looks :)

I then decided that I wanted a more sporty stance and I also wanted to improve the crashy ride a bit. I was torn between the tein 25mm's or the APB eibach 30mm's but in the end I went with the 30's.


I had always loved the cars on the forum with the GP splitters and nearly cried when I saw how much they are. I couldn't bring myself to spend £700 on these things so I decided to wait around for a used set to come up. A couple of months ago they did :)))

Lastly I purchased a bit of engine bling. Hopefully there will be some more engine bling going in soon.

I have a friend who is a photographer for his carear so I take advantage, Here are some of the photos that we have taken.

Hope you enjoyed :)

Tom xx
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excellent work so far tom, fantastic photos matey, keep up the good work.
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good work , whats next on the list ?
Well my milltek goes a bit quiet for me in the vtec zone so I was thinking about an RSK and a tegiwa carbon plug cover. Not sure if this will look a bit strange above the silver engine cover though.
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Wow, very nice pictures, how did you make them ????

Fantastic camera you have !!!! :p
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Looking well dude..was car perving on your facebook..loving the photos!!
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thanks guys, its been a few months since my last mod. Any suggestions?
Looking good! Get the rsk if your wanting some vtec noise, very addictive
Your wheels almost look white in the penultimate pic/rig shot!

I think your car would look great on white wheels :)

Looks awesome!
Coming along nicely fella ;)
Car looks great, especially with the superb camera work.:)

footwell leds fitted to dim with the interior lights added this weekend.
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Looking good mate! :) fairly coming on, consider me subscribed ;)
The footwell lights look great don't they ;)
yea, they are a nice touch. Can't believe I waited so long to buy them. Im a wuss when it comes to wires!
Had a problem with my MOT the last day or two but thank fully everything is sorted now. Turns out my milltek was leaking in 3 different places. Honda have taken it off, added paste to all the problem areas and also added 2 new clamps where two have corroded. It sounds even nicer now all the noise is coming out the back and not all over the place haha!

Made a small change to my engine bay today:

Gone for a Gold Oil Cap instead. Anyone got any tips on cleaning the red area? I find that when I use products on it, it reacts and turns a white colour?

Also I gave the exterior a clean so heres a snapshot from my phone:

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Looking nice:D
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Cheers buddy, the cap was bought from pwills085^^ :)
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