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Hello again!

Coming back strong this time with a more practical mod .
Having inherited a motorcycle i decided to fit a tow bar to my precioussss so i can tow the bike around to places that i actually want to ride said bike as opposed to the busy city streets.

As per usual I made a clip, well 2 actually :
One with the mecanical side of things:


and coming soon , another one with the electrical connections (stay tuned for that)

Again i did these because there was none out there detailing the process (there are clips out there but for the american models)

in case some one is interested i’ll post a third clip on how i’ll convert a normal trailer into a motorcycle trailer also, i’d like to retain the box capability of it if possible.


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Great vid!

Now if you could just show me how to install some bullbars up front, I'd feel slightly less paranoid leaving my car parked up on busy streets ;)
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