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Last August I got a remap done to my 2.2 i-ctdi 2009 Civic.
It was Stage 1 from Celtic Tuning done by a garage in Perth (Scotland).
After the remap I could hear slight grumble whenever I would engage clutch and revs would drop to about 1500. It was barely noticeable and and I assumed noise was caused by the remap changing turbo's

Now after about 10000 miles grumble is quite loud and it stays on when I am driving and staying at about 1500 revs.

It doesn't seem to affect the performance. In higher revs it sounds normal.

Noise is similar to a hole in exhaust which I also checked for.

Dose anyone has an idea what is may be caused by and how to rectify this?

Any Help/Advice appreciated.
Thank you.

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I don't fully understand what you mean when you say rev's drop when engaging the clutch.

If you get a noise when depressing the clutch then it could be a dry clutch release bearing. That would stop when releasing the clutch tho.

A grumble could be the DMF or gearbox bearings (less likely). Do you you feel any vibrations at all?

The OEM clutch/DMF's days are numbered after a remap but I'm sure you knew that, right?

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it sounds like something might be resonating through vibration
try to find out exactly where the noise is coming from and see if anything is slightly loose


as Farqui has stated the clutch / DMF will be taking a hit ( if standard ) if your taking advantage of the re map
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