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There's a couple of historic threads but no definitive answer on this - would fk2 type r brembos be a direct bolt-on for a non-R like my 1.6 d-tec?

I've been looking at the options, freaky parts seems like a good option, about 800 quid for all new parts using the megane rs caliper but needs spacers to fit under oem wheels. I'm thinking that the oem type r setup might have more clearance, given it fits under a ET60 wheel?

I've looked at the oem type r discs and they appear to be drilled for multi-fitment - i'm guessing in addition to the type r 5x120 they might also be drilled for 5x114? hopefully?

Do the calipers bolt on? Bracket needed (P/n) ? More clearance than the megane caliper?

Any info appreciated.

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Any of you guys done any research on this?

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was considering similar but ended up buying EBC curved grooved discs and yellow stuff pads. fitted recently and very impressed.
don't see how the brakes can get any better. i can activate the abs in all conditions and the yellow stuff pads can activate abs even when scorched

edit- fronts only at £200 for the front kit. 2.2 diesel
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