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Type R FN2 known faults/issues

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Had a look in the very useful section on Wiki but cannot find any specific model, just in general.

So I was wondering what known issues have there been on the Type R.

I have read that there was a 3rd gear fault, I also saw that some were experiencing rust under the rubber around the door edges, but what else should I check when looking today.

Obviously the usual like oil etc... any sign of damage and mis aligned panels...

Any help much appreciated :D
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The faults section of the Wiki pretty much covers the majority of faults across the Civic range as most models share the same faults since they're essentially the same car :police:

The 3rd gear problem is the only Type R specific fault I can think of as you have mentioned. It affects specifically for the 2007 Type Rs however, there has been a few 2008 onwards Type Rs which have affected by the same problem. The problem can be fixed by replacing the 3rd and 4th gear synchromeshes under warranty :thumbsup:
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