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Thought I'd share a few of my musings on the new wheels

Ok. I love love love the look of the new Civic. It looks good from every angle; aggressive from the front; sleek from the side; sporty from the back. The 18" Alloys are not too obvious and suit the car very well- they are nice and bright. Would still love a set of Rages though ;) I think it looks so much nicer than the other hot hatches on the road.

I have a NHB and have polished with Auto Glym twice and have unfortunately began to notice the tiny white stone chips speckled across the bonnet. It's on an 07 plate but can wait a while before I consider a respray. Maybe it's just more obvious in black.

Seats are stylish and very comfortable. They hug without constricting and support my back. The dash is incredible. Everything is in perfect view and within reach and looks amazing. The red LED is very 'KITTesque'! The onboard computer was easy enough to use once I got used to it. CD player is OK but I really need an ipod connector to be satisfied. Passengers have 'oohed' and 'aahed' and felt like there is lots of room for legs and head space.

The Drive
Handles sensibly... when I want it to :) In low revs it is smooth with a nice surge of power. Pedals are more sensitive than I was used to but comfortable to use now. Seems a lot more sensitive when the engine is cold but warms through quick enough. On long drives I'm averaging about 30.5 mpg- I use Cruise control loads- It's fab- means I can stretch and rest my long legs instead of being all cramped up. Acceleration is so much fun. I love it when the ivetec kicks in- feels really powerful and aggressive. Got to consciously not be in ivetec mode at every junction but it's just so tempting to play with! Handles lovely on windy roads- I feel confident enough to throw it around bends and it's nice not to roll around with the inertia of the car. That'll be the sports suspension I suppose.

Overall- I love it. So glad I got one- attracts lots of admiring looks and puts a lot of teenage Saxo and Corsa drivers in their places ;)

Must go- I feel a drive coming on.
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