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Hi Guys,

Looking for some help / advice please.

I've been looking for a while for a good Type R spoiler for my Type S (i'm now starting to look at mods :) ).

After looking at this forum it seemed that Type R kits sold a good Type R spoiler replica. I bought a fibre glass spoiler from them and got it delivered however i've noticed 2 things:
1) The underside of the spoiler has a very thin crack (about 7 inches long) - should I be worried about this or should a thin layer of filler sort that? I dont want the structural integrety comprimised.
2) When the spoiler is sitting on my boot it doesn't seem to be long enough to wrap around the whole boot. It fits fine but at either side of the boot there is about a half inch of boot showing from the sides, Should this not be sitting flush?

Sorry if this is vague, I can post pictures later if it helps.

Thanks all!

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The crack is not a problem, just filled it and let the painter do the rest of the finish.

The problem with the fitting, is common for replica parts, I have the same problem with mine type R spoiler (got it from Poland), the prize to pay for not getting the real deal, but on the other hand I saved allot of money not buying OEM.

I spend some time fitting it with sikaflex to get it aligned right, and I'm pleased with the result.

Check my gallery tread, I have pictures of the raw spoiler and when I got it fitted.

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