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Every year the Swedish car magasine Teknikens Värld ( http://www.teknikensvarld.se/ ) arrange a track test day for a fair ammount of new fun cars.

This year they were at the Swedish track Ring Knutstorp,
( http://www.ringknutstorp.com/ ) and the report published in the latest issue Nr 16 2007.

They race the cars around the circuit one at a time and try to get the best track time, much like The Stig in Top Gear.

This year there were 21 cars, and a NHB (of course) Type-R was one of them. From what I could see from the pics etc it was what we in Sweden call the Type-R GT and not a stripped down "Race" version.

The Type-R came in towards the end of the list (19th) in actual lap times, but it was rated as number 7 of 21 in the main summing up which takes more things than just speed into the equation, this is the measurement of the most fun car to drive on the track.

Here is the list of "fun" rating which is the main focus of the article:

1. Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera
2. Lotus Exige S
3. Audi R8
4. Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
5. Mosler M900S
6. Caterham Roadsport 1,6 Sigma

7. Honda Civic Type-R

8. BMW M5
9. Audi TT 3,2
10. Opel (= Vauxhall) Corsa OPC
11. Audi S3
12. Seat Leon Cupra
13. Mazda MX-5 Roadster (= "Miata")
14. Renault Sport Clio
15. Morgan V6
16. Opel (= Vauxhall) GT
17. Mini Cooper S
18. Peugeot 207 RC
19. Mazda 3 MPS
20. BMW 335d Coupé
21. Maserati Quattroporte DS

(Why on earth would anyone think of the idea to put a Quattroporte on a race track?)

The lap time for the Civic was 1:20,6 with a top speed of 163 km/h.
The only cars it beat were the Mini and Peugeot.
The fastest was the Lambo with 1:11,1 and 206 km/h

The review called the Type-R "almost as much fun as the Caterham".
I once was a passenger in a Caterham on a track, and I can tell you that is one of the best experiences I have had!!

Also a plus for it not being turbo charged and the smooth power delivery that this gives.
The good seating postion, traction and revy engine made the car "heavenly fun" as they put it.

On the personal lists of each test driver, one guy rated the Type-R as 4th behind the Lambo, R8 and Lotus!
This as it is "an old school naughty hot-hatch that is still usable on a daily basis".
Number 5 was the Ferrari on his list (he didn´t think it was so good on the track).


I know it is one guys opinion - but come on, it is published!
Shall we crack open the bubbly??

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sounds like a great day out

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Bit of a ridiculous comparison though, how can you compare a 20k road car to a 170K+ supercar but good review though :D

I have to say I'm quite lucky where I live, about 3 mins from my house is the best car dealership in the UK :D

Last time I looked in there were alot of porsche and mercs on the forecourt (997 turbos, SL65 AMG CLS63 AMG etc etc) but in the showroom were a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, Mclaren Merc SLR, x2 Carrera GT's and 2 Enzo's, Lamborghini LP640 Roadster, just have a look at the stock list and what they have sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Romans International Supercar Stock List

Best of all, in the UK there are 12 Bugatti Veyron's and they have had 4 of them sold and one in stock :D:D:D

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Bit of a ridiculous comparison though, how can you compare a 20k road car to a 170K+ supercar but good review though :D
Well the test was "what is the most fun on the track"
and a more expensive car is not necesarily more fun.
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