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Can anyone please advise on my issue?

My power socket usb adapter fell apart while in the socket and it seems to have shorted out the socket (the one in the arm rest). The cigarette lighter socket also seemed to stop working at this point.

I only have a 5 door version of the handbook so I am not sure if there is difference between that and my type-s gt-t (the one with built in touchscreen satnav/double din stereo)

I checked the fuses in the interior fuse box and one had blown (29 accessory according to my 5 door handbook)

I replaced it and the cigarette lighter is now working but not the armrest power socket. The only other fuse that might be the arm rest power socket fuse it 35 (accessory and radio) and this fuse is ok, the radio is working. I can confirm taking that fuse out stop the radio working.

Can anyone confirm that the accessory socket in the arm rest shares a fuse with the radio?

I have taken the centre console apart and the cables are all ok, the socket looks fine. I tested the cable connector for the socket and there is no power getting to the socket, so an issue with the socket itself is not the case.

Any advise would be appreciated. I am wondering if something is different as this is a gt-t model, maybe the power is coming from the headunit in someway?

Thanks very much.

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I'm not sure of the exact fuse but the radio will definitely not share any accessory socket fuse.

The radio fuse is 7.5amp and all accessory sockets are considerably more.

Look at the one you found that had blown and interrogate all the others of the same colour and therefore power rating.

If you have access to a multimeter you can do this without removing the fuses (which is better because you won't disconnect anything that should be permanently live)
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